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Chamber of Commerce Expert (Chamber of Commerce I. A. A. Rimini – Italy) and Technical Consultant to the Court of Rimini – Rugs and Tapestries
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چه اطلاعات و عکسهایی بایستی ارسال کرد برای سنجش ارزش یک فرش یا بافتنی قدیمی به



Vintage luxury rugs

For collectors and enthusiasts, there is one class of rug that will always be a cut above the rest: vintage luxury rugs.

Since 1981, I have been a registered expert in national and international rugs and tapestries at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture in Pesaro (Italy).

Il nostro servizio è indispensabile per chi vuole stimare, vendere, acquistare, vendere in asta pubblica, perizia legale, perizia giurata, perizia stragiudiziale, perizia giudiziaria, risarcimento danni, divisioni di eredità e per usi assicurativi. Ecco alcune immagini significative dei tappeti, degli arazzi e dei tessuti periziati da Fayaz, collegate ai riassunti delle perizie/Expertise già effettuate.


(+39) 3341-9974-56.

MY EXPERTISES since 2000 is the platform of choice for many collectors and several retailers. Many visitors per month show interest in our surveys of vintage luxury carpets and tapestries from around the world. Welcome to our website!

Antique Oriental Carpets, Old and tapestries personally appraised (legally) by the appraiser Hossein Fayaz Torshizi, are available for sale from their owners

Tapestries and fabrics

N. 10768
Ushak, Turchia
cm 152 X cm 106
N. 10623
(Kuba), antico, Azarbaijan (Caucasia)
cm 160 X cm 130
N. 10650,
Guida asica Kazak, Azerbaijan.
cm 210 X cm 110
N. 4003
cm. 240 x cm. 150
N. 10002
cm. 246 x cm. 153
(Fabrics and tapestries:)
N. 20004
European Tapestry (Beauvais, France) Late nineteenth century
cm. 162,5 x cm. 155
(Fabrics and tapestries)
N. 20005,
Arazzo Europeo, (probabilmente “Napoli”, Italia).
cm 173 x cm 97
(Fabrics and tapestries)
N. 10644,
Velluto Moghol – Safavide Firenze, Italy)
cm 208 X cm 183
(Fabrics and tapestries)
N. 10660,
Napoli,Italia , (Sicilia, Italy).
cm 181,5 X cm 125,5
N. 4009
Persian Antique Ferahan rug
cm. 515 x cm. 326
N. 4011
Persian Antique Ferahan rug cm.
512 x cm. 240
N. 4012
Persian Antique Ferahan rug cm.
502 x cm. 111
N. 4013
Persian Old Ferahan rug cm.
298 x cm. 165
(Ghoom / Ghom / Qum)
N. 0207
Qum (Ghoom), vecchio, Iran Rimini, Italy
cm 171 X cm 108
(Ghoom / Ghom / Qum) N. 10201 Persian Fine Qum (Ghom) Antique Rug cm. 207 x cm. 136
(Ghoom / Ghom / Qum)
N. 10662
Qum (Qom, Ghoom), Iran
cm 208 X cm 138
(Hereke / Herekè)
N. 10001,
Bagnacavallo (Ravenna), Italy,
cm 140,5 X cm 97
(Hereke / Herekè)
N. 10601,
Bergamo, Italy,
cm 353 X cm 252
(Hereke / Herekè)
N. 10651
Province of Como. cm
281 x cm 202
N. 10793 Herekè lana e seta, Turchia, foto small del cantonale.
(Hereke / Herekè)
N. 10793
Milano .
cm 174 X cm 117
N. 10811, Herekè, bordura, foto small
(Hereke / Herekè)
N. 10811
Rimini, Italy .
cm 297 x cm 200 = 5,94 m2.
Kashmar (Torshiz)
N. 2401
Certificate of Authenticity and Expertise
cm 288 x cm 194
Kashmar (Torshiz)
N. 2402
Morciano di Romagna (Rimini), Italia.
cm 303 x cm 200 = 6,06 m2.
Kashan / Kascian
N. 10665
Roma, Italia
cm 206 x cm 134
Kashmar (Torshiz)
N. 10681
Kashmar (Torshiz), Iran (Persia).
cm 165 x cm 98
Kashmar (Torshiz)
N. 10808
Kashmar firmato “Fayaz”, Iran , Pesaro, Italy
cm 253 X cm 167
Kerman / Kirman
N. 5084
Rimini, Italy
cm 250 X cm 150
(Lilian / Lilihan)
N. 10695
Persian Antique Lilian Fragment-Ziegler rug
cm. 505 x 321 cm
(Nayn / Nain / Nain Tabas)
N. 2129
Nain Tabas Iran.
cm 248 x cm 155
(Nayn / Nain / Nain Tabas)
N. 2309
Nain Tabas Iran. cm
297 x cm 200
(Nayn / Nain / Nain Tabas)
N. 2315 ,
Nain Tabas Iran.
cm 282 x cm 190
(Nayn / Nain / Nain Tabas)
N. 2325, Nain Tabas, Iran
cm 294 x cm 200
(Nayn / Nain / Nain Tabas)
N. 2331,
Ottimo (non usato).
288 x cm 197 = 5,67 mq
(Nayn / Nain / Nain Tabas)
N. 2342,
Ottimo (non usato).
334 x cm 245 = 8,18 mq
(Nayn / Nain / Nain Tabas)
N. 2393,
ottimo (non usato).
cm 295 x cm 200
(Nayn / Nain / Nain Tabas)
N. 2396,
ottimo (non usato).
cm 170 = 2,26 mq (cm. 170 X cm. 170 = 2,89 mq.)
(Nayn / Nain / Nain Tabas)
N. 2397,
Buono (non usato) .
cm 293 x cm 197
(Pakistan / Pakistan)
N. 4004
Pakistani Fine Antique/Old Rug
cm. 580 x cm. 362
(Pakistan / Pakistan)
N. 10633
Kashmir, Pakistan.
cm 295 x cm 220
(Saruq / Sarugh)
N. (code) 10692
Pesaro, Italy
cm 536 X cm 327.
(Saruq / Sarugh)
N. (code) 10693.
Pesaro, Italy
cm 475 x cm 325..
Sofreh kurdo (Khorassan)
N. (code) 10618.
Alessandria, Italy
(cm 150 X 100).
Sultanabad (Arak)
N. 10605
Persian Antique Sultanabad-Ziegler rug
cm. 300 x cm. 199
(Tabriz / Tebriz)
N. 432 Very Fine Persian Tabriz Rug
cm. 210 x cm. 150
(Tabriz / Tebriz)
N. 441 Persian Fine Tabriz Rug
cm. 214 x cm. 150
(Tabriz / Tebriz)
N. 4010
Persian Antique Tabriz rug
cm. 393 x cm. 290
(Tabriz / Tebriz)
N. 4438,
Tabriz, Iran Rimini, Italy
cm 212 X cm 147
(Tabriz / Tebriz)
N. 4445
Persian Fine Tabriz Rug
cm. 302 x cm. 195
(Tabriz / Tebriz)
N. 10669
Tabriz (Tebriz), Iran (Persia)
cm 287 x cm 211 = 6,05 m2.


March 19th 1986 – Aula Magna, Istituto Statale d’Arte “F. Mengaroni

“March 19th 1986 – Aula Magna, Istituto Statale d’Arte “F. Mengaroni” in Pesaro. Joint Section of Weaving and Fashion. Part of a cycle of conferences on the history and techniques of Persian and oriental rugs, held by Hossein Fayaz.”

This service is destined for anyone owning a handmade rug or tapestry who wishes to have it valued, in view of a sale or simply to know its value. Please send photographs and basic information on the item to be appraised; the consultant will then decide whether it is possible to offer the client his professional knowledge and expertise, carry out research into the item and provide an estimate of the economic value.

Mr Fayaz has carried out numerous appraisals on behalf of the Courts, customs offices, banks, insurance companies and private citizens in the provinces of Pesaro and Urbino, Rimini, Milano, Como, Pordenone, Siena, La Spezia, Rieti and other Italian provinces and in the Republic of San Marino.

On August 19th 2011, he carried out a sworn appraisal at the Court of La Spezia on an important batch of precious Persian carpets, which were part of the corporate capital of a finance company. .

March 18th 2015, Bergamo, Città Alta, Hossein Fayaz was called on to appraise an important batch of antique Persian and Turkish rugs. In this photograph he is examining a rare Persian carpet runner “Sultanabad, Arak, Iran, 326 X 80 cm (10 ft 8 in X 2 ft 5 in).”

February 16th and 17th 2016, Bergamo , Città Alta, Hossein Fayaz was commissioned to carry out to appraise an important batch of antique Persian and Turkish rugs. In this photograph, is writing the expertise of antique carpet “Hereke, Turkey, 353 X 252 cm (11 ft 7 in X 8 ft 3 in)”, hanging on the wall in this picture.

If you have a rug for appraisal please contact:

“Manuale pratico per l’acquisto e la manutenzione dei tappeti orientali” (A practical manual for the purchase and maintenance of oriental rugs) by Hossein Fayaz “Italian Edition”

At present, Mr Fayaz is preparing a comprehensive glossary on oriental rugs for publication.

Please contact us for information and estimates for the appraisal of national and international rugs and tapestries: .

If you wish to receive information on developments in the field of oriental rugs, please give your e-mail address:

H&W Fayaz Persian rugs

Fayaz author and publisher

Since July 11th 2003, when I moved to the Province of Rimini with Directive N. 346 and ruling of the Provincial Commission for the training of Appraisers and Experts (Record N. 2 dated 10.07.2003) I was enrolled at the Chamber of Commerce I. A. A. in Rimini.

On May 20th 2015, the Commission for the Roll of Appraisers and Technical Consultants at the Court of Rimini admitted Hossein Fayaz Torshizi to the Register of Technical Consultants and Appraisers of National and International Rugs and Tapestries of the Court of Rimini.

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