I grew up with hand knotted oriental rugs. Their soft pile of Persian lambswool was my playground and encouraged by childish imagination. The harmony of their colours calmed me and cheered me in the cold, dark winters. Their designs and motifs of Persian gardens or ‘four seasons’, the trees of life and the hunting scenes awoke my imagination and refreshed the hot summers of my youth.

When I grew up I worked for more than thirty years in the Oriental rug sector, I continued to study and at the same time, I kept up to date on news in this field. For decades I have been a Chamber of Commerce expert for national nd foreign rugs and tapestries. It is evident that my expertise is the result of study and experience.

From a conversation with Hossein – Fayaz Torshizi author of the book “The girls from Afghanistan”, Fayaz Publisher (Fayaz Editore), Morciano di Romagna(RN), Italy, 2015.Copyright: Hossein Fayaz www.hosseinfayaz.com


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