Who are we and what we do?

Hossein – Fayaz Torshizi – Appraiser and Technical Consultant to the Courts for national and international rugs and tapestries.
Our target:
Our mission is to enable private parties to buy and sell Oriental rugs directly among each other, while guaranteeing quality and value.

What are we going to do?

  • 1 – Real and virtual expertise of carpets, fabrics and tapestries.
  • 2 – Consultancy for the purchase and sale of carpets and tapestries.
  • 3 – Consulting and management of restoration, cleaning and washing of carpets and tapestries.
  • 4 – Consultancy for participation in national and international auctions for the purchase and sale of carpets and tapestries.
  • 5 – Consultation to museums and collectors for the purchase of carpets and tapestries.
  • 6 – Articles and investigations relating to carpets and tapestries and their weavers, producers and places of production.

Hossein – Fayaz Torshizi Perito Camerale e Consulente Tecnico del Tribunale di tappeti e arazzi nazionali e esteri. Il nostro obbiettivo: La nostra missione è quella di consentire alle parti private di comprare e vendere arazzi, tessuti e tappeti orientali direttamente tra loro, garantendo qualità e valore..

Hossein Fayaz – From 1972 to 2005, he ran his own business in Pesaro and the Province of Rimini (Italy) under the name H&W FAYAZ, in the field of oriental rugs (www.fayaz.it) and later in the field of publishing (www.hosseinfayaz.com).


Telefono cellulare: (+39) 3341-9974-56.



San Vito al Tagliamento, Pordenone, Italy, February 5, 2017.
On 02/05/2017 21:39, Elisa wrote:
Wanting to estimate an Oriental rug I won at an auction of which I knew origin but not the value or the meaning of the symbols above knotted I turned by mail to Mr. Hossein Fayaz Torshizi that after several days of email with photos and detailed information on request artifact and research sent me a virtual expertise (written) complete, satisfying and very interesting.
Elisa Cotti Cometti
San Vito al Tagliamento, Pordenone, Italy.
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from alan_3
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Macerata, May 9th 2001
Dear Hossein, I happened on your website some weeks ago. I was very pleasantly surprised both by its comprehensive nature and, above all, because it is easy to consult and to read. The discovery pleased me because it reminded me of a strong friendship that has now lasted for many decades. We met as young students at Urbino and I have seen your passion for the rugs of your homeland grow over the years, also thanks to their historical and social significance.
Even during my ten years at the University of Calabria I was able to observe you intent on organising projects to present specific Persian products to the Italians – rugs. As you know, I now teach Sociology of Work and I have the habit of seeing, behind the products and the goods, the work that went into them. For this reason I have always seen your activities as a way of spreading an understanding of the making of a rug, rather than that of a mere salesman. Which you certainly are not. It was a great pleasure to discover your website and I can assure you that I read it attentively.
I hope that we will meet soon, after choosing one of the rugs from the many present in your catalogue.
I send you fraternal best wishes, also from Donatella and obviously also to dear Vanda.
Nedo Fanelli
Via Crescimbeni 14- 62100 Macerata – (prof. Nedo Fanelli)

Rieti, Italy, April 28th 2001
It is always a pleasure to return to Morciano to visit our friends Wanda and Hossein and to spend an afternoon ‘turning the pages’ of the piles of fantastic oriental rugs. Between one tea and another, we discuss the designs, the weaves, the stories of old and new products, which Hossein brings alive and in which we can see the identity of a people. Always an extraordinary experience that we are happy to repeat two or three times a year. Always a long journey to the distant East, guided by the culture and the knowledgeable professional skills of Hossein. We often return to Rieti with a new purchase, every time saying that this will be the last: our house is too small… a sailor’s promise!
With affection,
Riccardo e Elvia

Riccardo Appolloni, Dottore Agronomo
Via A. Comotti 6 – 02100 Rieti
e-mail: riappo@tin.it

Il manuale dei tappeti
Valuable manual not only for the purchase of these beautiful handmade rugs, but also for understanding their history and their secrets.
Sunday January 4th 2009 – comment on the 1st edition Comment on the first printed edition of “Il manuale dei tappeti” by Hossein Fayaz on the portal:

Agnone – Isernia, Italy, Monday May 20th 2002
My compliments for your professional attitude and the clarity, the honest, courteous and detailed presentation. This is an example of the highest professional dignity, which is rarely found. The dignity of one who loves his work.
Congratulations, please continue so that the culture of correctness may spread.
Gian Luca Marinelli

Zibello – Parma, Italy, March 24th 2002
Dear Mr Fayaz, I recently purchased one of your rugs, a Nain Tabas (Persia), and I am very satisfied with the quality and the execution, the magnificent design and the colours, which are elegant and decorative.
Isabella Frati

Torino, Italy, December 10th 2001
Dear Mr Fayaz,
I have received as a gift a rug purchased from your website, although I was initially perplexed and diffident, I have to admire the great professional attitude shown.
Not only does the rug correspond precisely to the illustrations and information on the website, but also the kindness and courtesy shown to me following the sale were a very pleasant surprise.
I hope that you will publish new photographs of old Afghan rugs in the near future and it is always a pleasure to ‘take a trip’ through the cultures illustrated in the various sections of your website.
Thank you once again.
Lorena Parravano – Torino, Italy.

Pesaro, April 24th 2001
Dear Fayaz,
Although we rarely meet, but our strong friendship has been long-lasting. It has been some time since we first met and I have always appreciated, in your life and your work the great honesty, which is an increasingly rare commodity in this country.
You know that my home is filled with rugs that I have chosen from your stock, helped by your profound culture on the subject, your experience and the fact that you belong to a people who have been producing these works of art for thousands of years. I consider the rugs ‘works of art’. If I think of the effort that goes into them, the patience and the ability of the boys and women who make them, I wonder how they can cost so little.
I have visited your website and I am pleased to see that you have embraced new technologies. My compliments. I am thinking of coming to visit you, so that I can exchange the rug in my study for e of a different colour.
Best regards to you and your family.
Senator Emidio Bruni
Via Fulvi 10, Pesaro

Pesaro, January 8th 2001
Dear Mr Fayaz,
I am very pleased with my purchase from your website. The rug is stunning and furnishes my sitting room most beautifully.

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